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There’s a saying: “You have 2 hands, the 1st to help yourself and the 2nd to help others”. One of the things that has always stood out to me as Windows Phone owner is the strength in our WinPhan community, in the Windows Phone community all together. As a WinPhan, you have the chance at being an ambassador for newcomers to our OS who might not be as adept as you at navigating their WP…who just might need some help!


WP WinPhan

Something I often see missing in the other platform’s communities, aside from Symbian, is a group of individuals so eager to help others both on a user and a developer basis level: No one left behind. There are plenty of how-to’s on YouTube for how to flash a different version for Android users and there are plenty of articles on how to master your iPhone, but not the same personal camaraderie as our WinPhan and Windows Phone community. 


We all get wrapped up in tech talk but have to remember that we’re in a niche group, the average cell phone owner isn’t half as involved as you and I. Keeping that in mind, it doesn’t mean that the average user isn’t appreciative when help is needed. In fact, quite the opposite, as WP8 gains momentum and more market share, there are more “normal” users having questions and needing a helping hand. Here are 2 tools every WinPhan can use every day to help those walking a new path!


Recommend Apps


We all use apps, some of us help in beta testing apps, and some of you even make apps! What we all have in common is a familiarity with the Windows Phone Store and our app ecosystem: what’s available or on the way. While this might seem like 2nd nature to you now, remember that there are many people converting to Windows Phone and really need your help in finding the right apps to fill their needs.

Do you know someone who recently made the switch and picked up a Windows Phone 8? Make sure you get their email and put them at the top of your mental list the next time your perusing the WP Store. See something that reminds you of them, share it with them. Remember, yes…you are unique in your need to follow EVERY WP news feed! See an app on one of your feeds? Share it with your new app buddy! Soon enough, they’ll be lending a helping hand to someone they know, that’s just how it works.


#windowsphone Search


Most of us WinPhans are on Twitter to one degree or another. One of the ways that you can use Twitter to find and help new WP owners in need of assistance is simply searching #windowsphone. We generally tag some version of #WP7 or #WP8 but newbies have a tendency to hashtag with #windowsphone.

Do this search and I guarantee you will find a few individuals who could REALLY use your help. It’s a bummer when you reach out for help and it feels like no one is listening, especially if you feel like you took a risk investing in WP. Rule of thumb in business: An upset user can cause greater damage than a happy user brings positive effect. Let’s see if we can help Windows Phone avoid some of bashing and help turn grumpy folks into WinPhans instead!!



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