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Our WinPhan community is bigger and stronger than ever. I think it’s safe to say that most Windows Phone communities are feeling the same surge of energy and growth in numbers as Windows Phone continues to increase its market share across the globe. Does this mean WinPhan is done doing its job? Absolutely NOT! In fact, I believe now we are more pivotal than ever! I’m supporting WinPhan Greg Chamblin in his campaign to help Windows Phone and I am asking that you take 5 minutes to do the same! As individuals we can wish for change, but as a community…WE WILL MAKE CHANGE!

I’m proud to stand tall with Greg in attempting to bring the largest number of WinPhan’s and Windows Phone owners together in our attempt at making a brighter future for current and potential WPers’!




What are we attempting to do and how can you get involved? In short, we are asking you to tell us the 5 apps you think NEED to come to Windows Phone and help us to make that happen with the simple hashtag of #QuitIgnoringWP for the month of December. Here is a more concise explanation from Greg:


Hello! My name is Greg and I am a Windows Phone Addict. I love Windows Phone for it’s unique style and simple yet informative interface. It’s operation is “Buttery Smooth” even on low cost devices. Office is built in, rooms are phenomenal, and most of all the community of fans and users are supportive, and knowledgeable.

While Windows Phone is pulling ahead of BlackBerry the adoption rates are still near abysmal in the United States. Just as millions of others, my friends and colleagues have reservations about the platform and it’s future. The number 1 concern and excuse for not switching is simple, lack of apps. So I have decided to start Twitter stalking the companies that my friends and I want on the platform. I have delivered a few already, but I would like your help! Starting on December 1st, I want to start a campaign aimed at 25 of these companies and I am calling it “25 days of #QuitIgnoringWP”. I am asking everyone that everyone participate and vote for their top 5 apps that need to come over to Windows Phone by taking a simple survey HERE. On November 25th I will tally the votes and compile our list of twitter handles for each of the 25 days. I will post that list on November 29th.

After that I will launch weekly campaigns, and hopefully shortly after that we can get some region leaders to petition in different geographic locations.



Now I know many of you will say “it’s not our job” or “I’ve tried that before”, but please hear me out. In the past, it simply was not feasible to get that many folks together because of our fragmented communities, oversized list of apps not available in our WP Store, and not enough people to make it happen. Times ARE CHANGING! Our communities are working together, the app gap is shrinking, and there are more Windows Phone owners than ever before…more influential owners, more motivated owners, and a certain level of familiarity within people’s day-to-day with Microsoft’s and Nokia’s blitz of Windows Phone advertising!




I ask that you take the few minutes and participate, I cannot implore enough to you all the importance of timing and the time is NOW! Windows Phone is now the clear choice as the 3rd leading OS in these murky waters of the smartphone market, this allows developers to clearly see us as a viable resource to their financial success. Remember, finances at the end of the day, dictate nearly every decision. Let’s make it OBVIOUS that Windows Phone IS the necessary choice…Please…Use your voice! What apps would you love to see decorating your Lumia, Ativ, or 8 series by HTC?


Thank you Greg for your continued hard work and efforts that benefit every Windows Phone owner and WinPhan! Thank you readers in advance and in case you missed the link above for the app survey, simply click HERE!

You can follow Greg on Twitter:  @thelilgeek    https://twitter.com/thelilgeek


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