A Film Maker Looks at the Lumia 1020 Camera!


If you cannot get your hands on the Lumia 1020 for a trial, it is a bit like a mythical beast, or a cartoon hero. It has a bevy of features/super powers that are on paper, some distant website, or demonstrated on YouTube by some other lucky bugger that wasn’t you.

A lot of people may think it is the Lumia 920 with a great flippin’ huge camera stuck on the back of it, and in some respects, that is true, but there are key hardware and software features that really make it stand out. What features?

Well this week, Nokia released new beta imaging SDK, that will allow, not only Lumia devices, take advantage of what they have packed into the phone. The Nokia/Microsoft partnership is still pushing the OS to levels that no other OEM has.

If you don’t already use your phone as a camera replacement, then grab a 1020 and see if you can lighten your daily device load.  Oh wait, you cannot as yet, so again, you have to search out one of the online reviews of the phone. Or, as Nokia did with the Lumia 920, show us some finished product, opinions from people that make their living using a camera. Now the video on Jason Gregory’s YouTube channel, goes through a bunch of the features available on the 1020, and it is really worth a good look, now I want to see a documentary, or feature made with the phone like the Red Earth one linked above.

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