A New Era

In less than a month, Windows 10 will be available to consumers worldwide.

What does this mean?

A new era is upon us. A OneMicrosoft era, a mobile-first cloud-first era, and a services-across-devices era.

True multiplatform convergence is finally here. OneDrive is the one place for your files on every device. Office lets you get work done on your Windows device, OS X device, iOS device, Android device, and in the browser. Cortana doesn’t just help you search the web, she helps you find your documents and send messages on a variety of your devices.

Along with these powerful services, we’re getting fantastic hardware. Surface, HoloLens, Lumia, Band, and Xbox each boast impressive specs and capabilities.

Beyond that, we’re getting brand new features with Windows 10. Use Microsoft Edge, a powerful new browser built for the modern web. Use Windows Hello to sign in to your device without a password. Access your music library with Groove. Create virtual desktops, snap up to four apps in one single view, and utilize multiple displays like never before. Stream content from your Xbox One console to Windows 10.

For most, the best version of Windows ever is free. Whether you’re a Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 user, you’ll be able to experience Windows 10.

So why be excited? Well, let’s go over what Windows 10 means:

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windows 10 means 15 windows 10 means windows 10 means 12 windows 10 means 9 windows 10 means 8 windows 10 means 4 windows 10 means 2 windows 10 means 16

This isn’t just for us WinPhans – it’s for everyone. Windows 10 means more consumer interest, developer interest, enterprise interest, non-profit interest, small business interest, and even interest from the competition. Microsoft is leading the way for one experience for everything in your life, and its coming to fruition on July 29th.

So let’s get #Windows10 to go viral on social media. Let’s use the hashtags #Windows10, #ThankYouMicrosoft, and #UpgradeYourWorld in our tweets, instaposts, Facebook statuses, and blog posts to share the news. Let’s be vocal about how stoked we are for operating system that will change everything!

But I encourage you, don’t stop talking about Windows 10 when you’re offline. Tell your friends, coworkers, random passers-by, your boss, your neighbor, and your in-laws!

If you’re feeling hesitant to share something about Windows, I encourage you to consider one question:

What Would Sean Johnson Do?

Edit: Yusuf Mehdi from the Windows blog posted an article about the Windows 10 global advertising campaign celebrating “the newest generation and invites people to join a new era with us.” They’ll be hosting fan celebrations around the world, too. Check out their blog post here:

Windows 10 Launch: Celebrating with our Fans and Announcing #UpgradeYourWorld

#Win10Means Downloads:

BSOD – Blue Screen of Delight wallpaper (1080p)

“A New Era” wallpaper (1080p)

Other versions (click to download):

MS Band
MS Band
Surface Pro 3
Surface Pro 3

Hype Social Image

thanks ms

Share these on July 29th:

It’s never too late to upgrade

remember windows

Upgrade right now

box windows

Did I mention it’s free?

free windows

Remember these?

remember these


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