A WinPhan, a failed update, and a Backup Tool


This is great! Some of you might not know this WinPhan on Twitter who goes by the handle @__shreyas, but he took the time to write this piece for other WinPhans and it’s a great resource for those who will be updating to 7.8 soon! We thank you for your effort!! #WinPhanPride 


Microsoft resumed the global rollout of Windows Phone 7.8 on March 14 with possible fix for the Live Tile issues that were faced by some users in the earlier build. I got the notification about the update availability on my Lumia 710 and was quite excited. I connected the phone and fired up Zune to grab the newest build of WP7, however, due to a dodgy microUSB port my update was interrupted at the 8th step out of 10 which was of course installing features and I was stuck with a non-responsive device at the recovery screen on my phone. A simple soft reset didn’t work so I had to do the hard reset since I was left without a choice. The phone was reset back to its factory settings. Now here is the issue where Zune caused me the most trouble, it won’t let me restore the backup since the update was interrupted and for some strange reason it could not detect the status of my device. After searching the net for possible solutions I ended up at xda-developers where I found this tool (WP7 Easy Backup Tool) for backing up and restoring the WP7 apps, settings, contacts, etc. At this point I was willing to get back anything that I could from the phone’s backup since I didn’t want to go through re-installing 40+ apps and cloud data. Surprisingly, this tool worked great and I was on my old homescreen in no time. However, the backup does not include pictures or music and it’s a good practice to keep them in sync before trying any of the updates in a rather uncertain situation.

We thank @__shreyas again for his contribution to the WinPhan community with this piece and he conveyed his want to give those guys Backup Tool a big high five!

To find out about WP7 Easy Backup Tool, simply click here!


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