Are you a WinPhan? Prove it!


I am a Windows Phone Fan and that makes me a WinPhan. If you feel the same way, then you’re a WinPhan too!

If Windows Phone was made for each of us as an individual, and I believe that it is, then we as individuals can play our part to see it succeed! It is inevitable that Windows Phone market share will be compared to that of Android and iPhone, but no WinPhan should be wasting time by getting into these types of arguments.

WinPhans can be where they are, doing what they do, hanging around those they hang around with and have a massive impact in how everyday people perceive Windows Phone.

While we cannot fault Microsoft for getting movie stars and other personalities to promote Windows Phone, let’s face facts: the average user is not going to find themselves sitting next to Jessica Alba, having a good old chat with her, asking her about her Lumia 920 and why she chose Windows Phone, are they?

No, folks like me and you will more than likely be engaging with other everyday users like us, not Hollywood royalty or other larger than life personalities.

So, if you own a Windows Phone and enjoy using it and think it’s awesome, you need to simply share that with those around you. That’s it! My wife saw my Lumia 800 and she wanted one and now, she has a Cyan Lumia 800 of her own!

Wherever I go, as and when the opportunity arises, I show people my Windows Phone and let them have a play with it. So far, everyone who’s had a chance to use my phone, love it! I’m not surprised because they love the phone for the same reasons I do.

So, if you consider yourself to be a genuine Windows Phone Fan, a true to life WinPhan, then you too should be willing to share your Windows Phone experience with those around you, be it family, friends, colleagues and dare I say, total strangers (without putting yourself in danger!).

If every WinPhan were to do this, we would slowly but surely see the Windows Phone market share grow.

And as that happens my fellow WinPhans, more developers would come on board and more quality apps would begin to come to the platform.

So, I call on all self-proclaimed WinPhans to put your money where your mouth is, do your bit and see Windows Phone succeed!

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