Awesome Highlight Reel of the Nokia Lumia 625!


Nokia is definitely deriving Windows Phone growth, not just with innovation and huge cameras, but with devices at every price point. Making it possible for the budget conscious to get into the ecosystem at a reasonable price. Form factor though is something  that people want more variety in, the trend for these hybrid, tablet, phone, Frankenstein devices, over 5 inches and getting up to 7 inches, seems to be getting more popular, but there’s still a mid point that Nokia hasn’t quite hit, between phone and tablet. With it’s top end devices topping out at 4.5 inches, for a premium price, the 625 is coming in at a very popular sweet spot, 4.7 inches, for a lot of folks. It may not have the pixel density, or the resolution of a lot of other devices, still sitting at 800 x 480 pixels [wvga] but that point 2 of an inch makes a difference in terms of readability.

In terms of specs, the phone will handle most anything that you can throw at it, at an outright price that a lot of people, who may still be hanging on to upgrade from WP7 to WP8 will find appealing. It will be interesting to see what local carriers will range the 625 for, on contract. Considering an outright retail of $399 AU. Who knows, it may even end up as a reasonable $250 pre paid deal, either way I think it will be popular. Check out the Nokia AU promo video below.

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