Back Up Your Messaging History In Outlook Now! Or Lose It!


Well this email came out of the blue today, and if you want to preserve all those messages that you have racked up over the years of using Windows Phone, you had better do something about it right now. It’s not only your messaging on the phone, but if you use messaging, to one of your connected accounts, Facebook or Google, all of your chats were archived in a messaging History folder in your outlook account. It is/was definitely a good way to keep track of past conversations and details thereof in one convenient place.

In it’s efforts to consolidate its Skype messaging efforts into, Microsoft has been moving towards getting rid of the old messaging system all together, and at last it seems the day has come when we will see the way messages are archived change to a new format. Going forward, you will be able to keep track of your messaging history in the messaging pane itself, on the right side of your outlook browser window.


As part of adding Skype to, chat history will now appear in the Messaging pane, and the Messaging history folder will be removed

Emails went out today with a suggested simple fix, but you need to do it before the folder is removed, so don’t hesitate,

  1. In, right-click Folders, and then click Add a new folder.
  2. Enter a name for the folder and press the Enter key.
  3. Click Messaging history, and then click the check box at the very top of your message list.
  4. Click Select everything.
  5. Right-click any message and then click Move.
  6. Select the folder you want to move your messages to, and then click Move.

Don’t wait, get on to it now!

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