Ben ‘The PC Guy’ Rudolph Making Apps…yep!

I read just like most of you, about the Straw Poll app that had hit the WP Store recently. What I did not know and I think will interest you is who is behind the first poll app and service for Windows Phone. He’s someone we all know and love, he’s been a mentor and role model to many including myself… Ben “ThePCGuy” Rudolph! If anyone deserves the WP community’s support, it would Ben. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting new Straw Poll app and why it should be on your Windows Phone too!


So as I mentioned above, not only is the app from Ben and a crew of devs, it’s the first app of its kind in the Windows Phone Store. Have you ever tried creating a poll on PollDaddy using your phone’s browser? It’s a pain in the you know what! What is Straw Poll? It’s a straightforward, easy to use app that allows you to create beautiful and simple polls for others to participate in, regardless of platform as the voting is done online. In addition, Straw is being developed for all three platforms, with a priority on Windows Phone.




Who is Straw for? As far as I can tell, everyone! Have a personal question, share it with just one person or group select people.

  • Families can vote on meals or entertainment…or who feeds the dog…
  • Students…that list is endless…
  • Friends can vote on plans
  • Community leaders can post questions and have a global reach
  • Blog writers can find out more about their readers
  • Facebook Page managers can easily post to their pages
  • Silly questions…important questions



Those are just a few ideas to stir your creative juices, I’m sure you’ll find yourself thinking “Oh, I could ask (Insert infinite questions here). Have a wide open question, share it with the world using the built in Twitter, Facebook, and sms options(LinkdIn is coming). Or you can just copy the link to your clipboard and share it wherever, whenever, and however you choose.






It’s very simple to use and has the modern feel we, as Windows Phone owners, expect. You’ll need to sign in which can be done with any number of social accounts. From there, start by creating a new project, typing your question(40 character limit), add up to 4 options for answers, slap some artwork on either the question or the answers, pick a duration…and viola! You’ve got yourself a beautiful poll ready to share on the social networks or via text in under a minute!





Now comes the fun of watching the votes pile up in “real time” via the app. You can view and share your current polls in the ‘active’ Hub or view and share a dynamic picture of the results of finished polls in the ‘completed’ hub so those who participated can see the results. Again, all this is in real time as the app continually updates while you are in it, it’s really quite ingenious…you’ll never miss a thing! The results can also be viewed online by following the poll’s link.






That’s really all you’ll need from me as far as description and tools, the rest is up to you as far as coming up with some great questions! I’ve created a “Windows Phone Straw Poll” Magazine on Flipboard which you can view here. I think this is an awesome app with unlimited potential, I did 3 polls today alone! Give it a shot and let me know what you think.




The team is motivated as they have already begun updating the app since its initial release and have lots more planned for the future! In fact, the only reason I know about Ben is because both he and the one of the team reached out to me in response to feedback I sent to them, these guys are excited! That makes me excited and I hope it makes you just as excited as well!  Just click here to follow Straw on Twitter.



I’d love to see some of the questions you all come up with and will add to it daily…my polls as well. I encourage you to visit it frequently, vote on others questions, and continue to enjoy the communal aspect of being a WinPhan!

Let’s show Ben and his team how much we appreciate the Windows Phone love! Stay tuned as he shares with us more of the story behind the making of Straw!


Download Straw from the Windows Phone Store Here:




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