Bing Translator adds support for Klingon Language




To add more excitement to the upcoming release of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie, Bing Translator for Windows Phone added Klingon as a supported language, for text mode input/output and camera mode output.

Since I had so much fun with the Star Trek app I figured I needed to check this out. The Klingon language is now in the menu of languages to choose from when translating to or from another language for text. Since I don’t really know Klingon enough to translate it to English I had fun translating English phrases to Klingon.

wp_ss_20130514_0002 wp_ss_20130514_0004


In camera mode you can only translate from other languages to Klingon. Should it be updated in the future this would come in handy when trying to translate traffic signs or menus on Qo’noS.  I did take a picture of something on my computer to get the translation. The text says ‘Bing Translator is the coolest’!

wp_ss_20130514_0003 wp_ss_20130514_0001

If you have Bing Translator installed on your Windows Phone it will already be updated and ready for you to translate the Klingon language. I think I can have some real fun with this app, I can already imagine creating birthday cards and notes for my Trekkie friends in Klingon just for fun, who knows I may even impress them with my new Klingon Language knowledge!

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