Bizarre Issues With Rooms on WP8? PSA!

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It’s hard to know how widespread this is, but it seems that at least three rooms that I’m in on Windows Phone 8, have stopped functioning as they should. As yet there seems to be no online chatter about the problem, except between myself and other people in the affected rooms, but it is definitely disturbing.

What seems to be happening at the moment is that existing rooms, whilst the contacts remain, other shared info in the room has mysteriously disappeared. At least on the phone. The files seem to be preserved on SkyDrive without a problem. This is true of Calendar and Photo files associated with the room as well.

Some new files added at this point seem to be there one minute and gone the next on the phone as well. As well as room shared sources being duplicated and on SkyDrive, being empty. New posts today, sharing notes have gone off into the ether, and new photos added to affected rooms are not showing up on SkyDrive.

Seems that links to files associated with existing rooms have been broken. I would only be guessing at what the cause of the problem might be so I won’t, and it does not seem to be happening in such a wide spread manner as to have gained a lot of attention at the moment. As the problem persists for a few of us, and attempts to get info from @winphonesupport about the issue have garnered no response as yet, I thought it best to just get it out there and see if there is any response in general. Are you having similar issues with rooms on your Windows Phone 8 Device?

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