Booklet Beta for Windows Phone! Quick Look


Not to disparage developers, we love you all, and your efforts to bring us a great experience on Windows Phone. Let’s face it though, some apps are uninspired, and haven’t really progressed since Windows Phone 7, one of those is the official Facebook app. In fact I would go as far as calling it abysmal, with the Beta that has long been out also not progressing much further.

Enter Windows Phone 8.1, and a change in the way we get notifications from apps, and changes to the way apps interact with the action center, and there’s an opening for a whole new approach to Facebook. Booklet Beta really turns up the heat in terms of the way you can experience the service on Windows Phone.


Booklet offers a new way to view and categorise your Facebook feeds into friends, community, and customisable feeds that are a lot more pertinent than one long news feed. The UX is all about swiping, up and down, side to side, much more reminiscent of a Windows experience than traditional apps.


You can revert to a more classic look if you so desire, you can also set and add feeds by location favourite places. Posting is a breeze, and keeping up with notifications can be done from the live tile or easily within the app. It’s free, Get it in the Store Here

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