Build 2015 Overview

Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference started at 8:30am this morning and it covered a LOT about the future of Microsoft and Windows.

A strong impression I had was Satya’s ongoing participation throughout the conference. He was very comfortable onstage and was clearly excited about what was going on.

One crazy announcement was Visual Studio’s new Code app that was created for use with a variety of coding languages on a variety of platforms, namely Windows, OS X, and Linux (The app was demoed on Ubuntu). And the craziest part is that it’s free (find it @code on Twitter).


Continuum for phones was another notable announcement. Essentially, with Windows 10 on your mobile device, you should be able to connect it up to another screen and have the operating system flex and adapt for the new form factor or screen size. This means in some cases you can use your phone as a PC if you have the necessary peripherals.

When you open up an app like Word or Excel, a landscape version of the same app will appear and work with a keyboard and mouse, even though it also works as a portrait touch app.


For WinPhans, probably the most impactful announcement of all was that basically you can port code from iOS and Android applications and have it work on Windows.

An existing example of this working was King’s Candy Crush Saga, essentially a direct port of the iOS iteration.


Project Spartan is revealed to be Microsoft Edge, the internet browser in Windows 10. Don’t know exactly what will happen to Internet Explorer…

Here’s it’s new logo.


HoloLens was also demoed in more depth. They showed how it can improve education by providing a way to further, more closely interact with the content they’re studying.


Hologram screens also travel with you.


B-15, a Raspberry Pi-run virtual robot was an impressive display of what HoloLens can do as well.

robot ui

The robot could move around, respond to voice commands, avoid obstacles to get from point A to point B, and more. It was really neat to watch!

Also, Terry demonstrated his ability to copy and paste Joe Belfiore’s hair onto Scott.


Just rubbing it in our faces that we all really wish we had Joe B’s haircut.

Ending thoughts

It’s clear Microsoft wants to get Windows on more devices and have it fit in a multitude of environments. It’s REALLY cool to see an app work on phone, then a tablet, then PC, then on a TV with Xbox. They’re making more of their services free so people will buy in to their ecosystems and, in turn, help it grow.

What do you think about how this will impact Windows Phone? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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