Businesses Making The Switch To Windows Phone!



While Microsoft has had a big presence in business and industry with it’s PC based software, Office is everywhere right? Businesses have been slow to adopt/adapt to it’s mobile offerings. Let’s face it, people still find it hard to get their heads around doing major business from a small screened device like a phone.

Four years in, and Windows Phone 8.1 imminent, the OS is finally feature rich, and it’s cloud support is stronger than ever before. Enough so, that it is becoming a real option in IT departments large and small as a key business tool.

Even more appropriate to note is that the Microsoft roadmap, the three screens connected  strategy seems to be playing out well. Albeit a long time becoming evident, it has never been something that was going to happen overnight. Let’s hope we can see examples like the one of Bailey Nelson Eyewear,

Switching to Lumia helped sync their communications and improve the way they do business.

in the video below, become more common.

Nokia For Business


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