Climbing up the ranks of Starfleet with the Star Trek App



I was 12 years old when I first saw Star Trek. It was 1976 and was the only show the whole family would gather to watch each week. The idea of looking into what the future could hold, how travel could happen and visiting distant galaxies was fascinating stuff. The countless hours of watching the crew interact with beings from other worlds and the wild discussions it brought on within the family are some of my fondest childhood memories.

To celebrate the new Star Trek  movie Paramount has released the Star Trek Into Darkness app for windows phones. I immediately downloaded the app and got to work to climb the ranks of Starfleet as fast as I could. There are missions which require you to go links that range from a really cool movie poster to videos. To earn points for this mission you just need to share the link to Twitter. There are also polls which award you points just for participating. Then there is the trivia, this is the place where you find out just how much knowledge you do or don’t have about everything Star Trek.

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I grew up watching the original series and that’s where most of my knowledge is from so when I was trying to answer the trivia from the newer Star Trek series I was not doing so well. As a matter of fact I was doing so miserably that when it came time for the Starfleet Regulations trivia I was downright scared I would fail the whole thing. I didn’t, I got every single answer correct! My confidence in being a Trekkie was growing again!

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There is a sweepstakes that you can enter daily for a gas card, movie tickets and my personal favorite an Authentic Star Trek Stunt Phaser! Set Phasers to ‘awesome’. I have had a lot of fun with this app and will continue to access it every day to enter the sweepstakes as well as complete more missions and trivia. I am currently a Chief Petty Officer, how high will you rank with Starfleet?

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2 thoughts on “Climbing up the ranks of Starfleet with the Star Trek App

  1. I think it’s pretty cool. I’m waiting to unlock the hints they were talking about on here. My rank now is Captain. And I’m learning a lot about the trivia missions.

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