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A lot of important development for Windows Phone, actually is born out of necessity, and is left to independent developers to extrapolate on ideas, often based on their own needs. Company Browser for Windows Phone is one such app, built for business owners by an accountant. Obviously not all business owners have the where with all to pay some one to do their books for them, and rely on third party software solutions to keep track. Company Browser is Client Software for Windows Phone that enables keeping track of your books when using MYOB management software.

It’s not always that we have access to a PC and internet connection, but we always have our phones, and being able to respond in a timely manner to clients, creditors/debtors on the go.


Company Browser is a free, ad supported app for the moment, although there are future plans to enable in app purchase to get rid of the advertising for the WP8 version.

What you find on opening the app is a well laid out panoramic format, leading to pages from the main app screen. Let’s face it it’s a business app, and you want to be seeing pertinent information, and a degree of ease in navigation. You could easily add to many bells and whistles and miss the business.

I have been given access to a demo database to look through the features of the app, but as you can see above, there is no limit to the amount of databases that you can add to the app.

wp_ss_20130505_0003 wp_ss_20130505_0006

Settings wise the app could not be more straight forward, you need to input the URL of your MYOB data storage, password, and you are away. These settings are controllable from MYOB only, so really we are talking about managing, being aware of data that has been entered independently from the app.

There’s some nice touches, like being able to access company and person.el details from the app, and add them to your contacts. Any where there is an underlined entry, linked you can access it to call or add to contacts.

wp_ss_20130505_0013 wp_ss_20130505_0012

All the information that you need to be aware of when managing business on the go is available, Customers, Suppliers, Cash on Hand, Employees, Debtors and Creditors, there is no need to forget any of the major functions you have to take care of, or managing people when you are out of the office.

This sort of thing will not be second nature to everyone, and when I asked Ben the dev about it

Over the years clients that are on the road have not been able to access their customer and supplier lists so obviously have had to keep their mobile updated with whatever phone numbers they need. This app means that clients have access to their full customer, supplier and employee details without having to keep those details separately in their phone. It has only been possible to do this since MYOB released an API a few months ago. It only works with the latest version of MYOB (2013) but more and more businesses are moving to this version.

What is also nice is a very comprehensive help/troubleshooting section included in the app, which really shows that it was developed with a clear knowledge of what purpose it had to fulfil.


To get down to it, Company Browser is a specialised application, and for me ticks all the design boxes. The app is fast, responsive on an average 3G connection, and on 4G/Wi-Fi loads info instantaneously which Iove.

Considering the app is really just out of the box,


it is working really well. Considering that accountancy is well outside my area of expertise, I was quite surprised that the application made sense, and that’s a real value add for anyone just starting out. The idea as well, that staff could be updating the databases from a fixed point, PC back at the office, and you can access that from anywhere in the world, Brilliant.

Yes it’s very specialised, but if you are an business owner and a Windows Phone Phan, you will want to have a good look at this FREE app. [even the price will make accountants happy Smile ]

Download the app and give it a try!

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