Enable Data Sense On Unlocked International HTC 8X!


Data Sense was one of the features that I was really disappointed did not appear on the HTC 8X when I got the GDR2 update back in July, and after much hounding the answer that I finally received from HTC AU about it was fairly ho hum,

Hi Peter, it is a carrier requirement in Australia to have Data Sense turned off in our WP8 devices.
For the sake of consistency, HTC have not activated this feature on any of our WP8 variants across the ANZ markets.

SO for the sake of consistency no phones from HTC had the feature enabled at that point, and officially, none of the carriers in Australia actually support the feature fully, although it seems some later devices on Optus and Vodafone and unlocked devices from Harvey Norman come with Data Sense pre installed. There are carriers that support the feature for HTC devices, but all in all the majority of carriers do not, so we have been missing out.

Tonight I have been informed of a workaround that seems to work with post GDR3, unbranded/unlocked 8X’s, that will let you enable Data Sense with little fuss. I have tested this with my 8X and viola! the procedure is

Run HTC’s Connection Setup from App List.

From App Bar (…) click on manual select

Select any Country/Region which has Operators supporting Data Sense, and select that Operator [even though I had a Telstra sim in the phone, I selected Optus and let the app complete the setup]


As soon as the setup was done Data Sense appeared in the app list, although changing the settings meant that data and mobile connections now did not work. Simple Fix, restart the phone, and the installed sim reset the connection settings and Data Sense remained. If that doesn’t work run the HTC Connection Setup app again and restore the correct settings. You can pick any country, and any carrier as long as they support Data Sense. I can only confirm this for a handful of phones at the moment, mine being one of them, so it would be great to get some feedback from folks after they give this a try.

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