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Microsoft released the latest Facebook App (Beta) for Windows Phone today. Being me, I downloaded it right away and started playing with it. Care to know what I found and my opinion on the newly redone app? Well read on…


With this beta release, Microsoft has tremendously revamped the UI. Where the original (still available for download) Facebook app was more of somewhat list based UI. This new UI brings Facebook for Windows Phone up to par with that of the iOS and Android versions. Some around the Twittersphere are not to happy with this decision but I like it. Seems to be more flat and cleaner looking. Makes it a lot more readable.


I have been using the Facebook App for Windows Phone ever since it has been available in the store.  I have always had an issues with the app but continued to use it in conjunction with the People Hub that is baked right into the OS. Here are the some issues that I have had:

  • Was always sluggish
    The scrolling between views and through the News Feed was sluggish. Just didn’t seem to flow as well as other apps available.
  • Where was the share button?
    So I would always be scrolling through my News Feed and find something that I would like to share to my Facebook profile. Guess what? I wouldn’t able to…no share button. Bummer.
  • Toast/Live Tile Notifications
    The notifications where always buggy. I would get the notifications whether they be messages or if something liked or commented on a post of mine like I should, but if I were to clear them out online (instead of the app) I would have to clear them in the app also. Why is that?

Well this new Beta App appears to fix all those issues I had with the earlier version. YAY!!! Inserting my Happy Dance here.


The scrolling is very fluid, almost perfect.

Finally there is a share button on posts. Now I am able to share others peoples posts to my wall. Easy peasy.

As I have been testing the notifications for the entire day, they seem to be clearing out whether I use the app or the website.

Screenshots of the Facebook Beta App

Below are screenshots that I took to let you see just what the new UI look like. Enjoy!

Grab the Facebook Beta App here for free!

So, I would like to know what you think about the new Facebook Beta app. Good? Bad? Chime in via the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Beta App Review!

  1. To me, it’s a compromise of the entire point of Windows Phone and the Metro UI. I liked the old Facebook app, aside from its missing features. With this, it’s just the Android/iOS Facebook app with a slightly different interaction model. Where’s the big, beautiful typography like you see in the Hubs? Where’s the panoramic swiping like the original had? Sure, there’s more functionality, but the whole design of this app seems like a concession, an admission that Metro can’t work.

    Personally, I don’t believe that. Like I said, I love the more “metro” Metro style apps: game hub, people, photos, Skype, MetroTube, etc.

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