Filmed On The Lumia 920! Red Earth Hip Hop!


The Lumia 920 has been lauded for its quality camera and OIS, and is fast becoming the go to tool of the pocket film maker. I know there have been plenty of examples posted on the web of its performance since its release.This is the first time though that I have seen a short from the phone that, won a prestigious award, and highlights a particular part of Australian culture, that seems a world away from the big cities down south.

It’s pure Sundance gold from the Terrigal based pocket filmmaker who won first prize at Sundance London Film and Music Festival (Nokia Music category) with one of the most amazing short films ever shot on a smartphone.
Jason van Genderen’s winning film ‘RED EARTH HIP HOP’ was shot entirely on a Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone. Featuring stunning images from remote far north Queensland, audiences have been mesmerised with its beauty and amazed it was filmed on a mobile.
Van Genderen’s film explores how hip hop, a music culture seeded in the Bronx, has reached indigenous communities in regional/remote Australia and is helping indigenous youth reconnect with language, elders and story time through this new form of music.

“Filming on a smartphone is such an unobtrusive way to capture a story. People find they open up a lot more in a documentary sense, talking to a device that they are used to seeing everyday as opposed to a big film crew and everyone starting to clam up and being more guarded with their story,” said Jason.

It’s amazing to think that a film of this quality was made with a device that can fit in your pocket, to be shown, and win, on the big screen at the Sundance Film Festival London. It is also incredibly important, in that it shows a part of Australian culture that is little known in other parts of the world.

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