First Look, Unboxing the Telstra Nokia Lumia 1320!


The trend for larger phones, or phablets as they are now known was at first disturbing, but now seems to be an increasingly accepted form factor no matter how ungainly I may think them.  Given my aversion to devices of this size, neither having hands equivalent in size to a man monster like Shaquille O’neal, or indeed pockets as deep as the unfortunate mogul Howard Hughes, to accommodate a device of this size, it was worth the challenge to accept and use the Lumia 1320, for what it is.

In my opinion, phones of this size lend themselves to media consumption, as seems to be the growing trend with smartphone users, a phone really is no longer a device for distance conversations. Much more today it is an internet device, used for browsing reading, streaming video and music, thus the increase in screen size makes much more sense.

The 1320 was announced a couple of weeks ago and really brings an affordable option to the phablet line-up locally. It is not the most powerful in terms of hardware specs, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.7Ghz Dual-Core Processor, 8 Gb of internal storage [seems there is about 4.2 Gb user accessible after system and preinstalled apps]with SD expansion up to 64 Gb. Where were the corners really cut to make this phone affordable though? besides the on board storage there is not the tell tale large camera sensors, with a 5 Mp main shooter and an 0.3 VGA front facing camera, and compared to the Lumia 1520, it still sports a 720p HD IPS display.

I think [I thought] a lot of people reading the specs would assume that the phone would feel cheap, and for the price, skimping on detail and build quality would be evident. That couldn’t be further from the truth, the size of the phone, combined with it’s incredibly solid build, makes it feel, without being to dramatic [or being] monumental. After just using the 1320 for a day, the 1020 or my 8X feel somehow like toys, unreal. One thing really of note as well, as large as it is, after 20 hours off charge, the phone is still showing me, 1 day 12 hours of battery left, from its first full charge. The whole package just gives the impression of refinement, attention to detail and possibly the design science Nokia has perfected, based around serving devices to customers at all price points. No matter what you pay, you get a phone experience that you can love and crow about.



I have been given a Lumia handset by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my user experience and personal opinion

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