Free Nokia/Windows Phone Store Credit Promotion

Nokia is offering Windows Phone Store credit, Gameloft titles to Lumia owners in a Global campaign dubbed “World of Entertainment.”

Depending on where you’re located, the amount of Windows Phone Store credit being offered changes. For example, residents of the UK are being offered £34 worth of games and £20 of Windows Phone Store credit, whereas Australian residents are being offered $25 worth of games and $40 worth of Windows Store Credit. Residents of the US are being offered $40 worth of games, and $25 worth of Windows Phone Store credit.

Lumia phones that are eligible for this promotion are also location-dependent. In the UK and Australia, the promotion extends to owners of the Lumia 625, 1020, 1320 or 1520, however in the US the promotion is restricted to users of the Lumia Icon, 1020 or 1520 only.

Go for it though, the limit on when the phones were purchased seems to go back a fair way.

use this Link to get to the offer

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