Full Res Photo Backup Now Available, Everywhere!


Earlier in the week here in Australia, people started to notice something a little different in their Windows Phone 8 backup settings. Full resolution photo and video backup to SkyDrive, appeared[disappeared again for some] and finally became a solid feature that we can rely on.

The feature is one that takes a lot of outlying countries from the status of “third world” Windows Phone 8 consumers, and a step further to getting the full package. A lot of people are wondering, why haven’t I received this update!

In fact there is no physical update that users will be aware of.

A lot of people may, as yet not be seeing the feature appear on their phones, and are wondering why, well it is quite simple, and there is a fix to get it now. Windows Phone, calls home and updates some config files, and there is a way to get these files to update manually.

I noticed a couple of folks have not yet seen their settings update. Just to clarify: You do not need to install an update to see this change on Windows Phone 8.

There are a couple of reasons you might not see this setting on your phone just yet. As I alluded to in the post, this could take a few days to update depending on region/phone, but… to speed up this change, first make sure you’re connected (either cellular or Wi-Fi is fine), then tap Store, wait on that screen a minute (it’s downloading a configuration file in the background), and then go back to the photos settings to see if you have the new options.

I have tried the country/region setting for Brazil and Australia on a few devices based on the comments here, and had success getting the settings update, so I believe this is just a timing issue.

Hopefully this helps!

Check out the Announcement on the Windows Phone Blog!

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