GDR3, Nokia Black Update Available For Telstra, Optus, Aussie Lumia 1020 Now!


Well it looks like the floodgates have opened, at least for the Nokia Lumia 1020 any way. Nokia conversations reported that the Lumia Black update, that is the Nokia equivalent of GDR3 plus firmware for Lumia models was about to be, if not already available en masse, world-wide. Now as per usual expect a staggered update process, all phones will not get the update today, and you can check availability for your phone at this page, but for my compatriots who have either a Telstra or Optus 1020, it seems the update is available right now! In fact I’m watching the spinning cogs as I type this Smile.


Timing on other models is still subject to approval, but I don’t think it could be very long now, although Telstra’s updates page still does not indicate these changes. The Optus Lumia 925 update is also available, these are the only local models as yet, as for unlocked/non branded devices, looks like they may wait a little longer. Nokia is doing a great job of keeping parity of software version across all of their devices, and should be applauded for the way they have been able to coordinate their updating process. So I guess you better go and connect to a wi-fi network and get checking.


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