GDR3 Update for Windows Phone Tentatively Confirmed, November/December!


With all the talk about the , rumours, leaked screenshots and a purported release/availability window sometime in November, and hopefully the device being revealed late this month, the mood amongst Windows Phone users is electric with anticipation. It’s not only a new device though, it is another major OS release in the space of a year.

I wrote about the Vodafone HTC 8X, jumping straight to GDR3 a few days ago, and while it was good news that the phone would actually get, what will be a big jump software wise, I still had not heard back from Telstra about the 8X on their network.

In the latest of their regular device update posts on Crowd Support, Telstra has let us know that the Telstra HTC 8X update, will follow the same path as Vodafone, but they have given us timing details.


Approved 26 July however due to issue identified by HTC the GDR2 update has been cancelled on this device worldwide in favour of the GDR3 update.
Test submission expected in late November

Optimistically, realistically, Telstra’s update gives us an insight into when the GDR3 update will be ready for general consumption for existing devices. SO while carrier branded devices will be waiting till probably December at the earliest, as per usual unlocked phones seem to usually get the updates as soon as they are available.

You would also have to assume that the timing announced for Australia, is indicative, similar to the schedule for the rest of the world.

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