Happy Birthday: #WinPhan Turns 1 Thanks To Our Community!


I’m excited to announce today is the official 1st birthday of our wonderful WinPhan community!! For a year now, WinPhan has continued to bring people together, help to solve issues, liaison between developers/users/powerusers, and most importantly…hopefully adding a smile to your face everyday with user stories, art, and engaging conversations! I’d personally like to thank EACH and EVERY one of you who have joined in on the fun and have worked so hard to make #WinPhan a legitimate trend and everything that it represents today! Read past the break for a look back of the past year:


As some of you know, WinPhan actually started nearly 2 years ago as WinPhan7. Like our beloved Windows Phone evolution from 7 to 8 though, we needed to evolve as well. After a short hiatus in which I had to recharge my enthusiasm, reprioritize my own goals/wants/motivations, and with the release of Windows Phone 8…#WinPhan was reborn!




Like Windows Phone, the growth of #WinPhan was slow but steady…initially. Like Windows Phone, the growing interest was there, but lacked the necessary organization and tools to take flight the way Microsoft hoped for with its Windows Phone and I with my #WinPhan. Just like Windows Phone though, the growth of #WinPhan has exploded of recent with better planning and some well timed and great priced devices! And here we are today, with arguably the most exciting and engaging Windows Phone communities around!


For those of you who might not know who does what in our organization, I want to point out and make sure that you all are very aware of 3 VERY SPECIAL and HARD WORKING people who’ve helped to bring #WinPhan to you…making it the incredible resource hub it is today: Peter Murphy, Marco Siccardi, and Misty Johnson.



Marco or @msicc on Twitter, his incredible efforts and energy brought #WinPhan to the dev level, creating #WinPhanDev, an incredible resource hub of developers supporting developers to find answers together, make better apps, and getting those apps better recognized by users. Marco has also published an official #WinPhanDev app for your Windows Phone! Marco, I thank you!

Peter or @pedaah on Twitter, is everywhere! Without Peter’s endless energy, our site winphan.net would contain a mere fraction of the content being posted, if we even had a site at all! Peter has been responsible for building, maintaining, and posting to our site. Peter doesn’t stop there. He’s been working on an official #WinPhan app as well, bringing .net directly to your Windows Phone. He doesn’t stop there, if there’s a WinPhan project, you can pretty much bet that Peter is involved to some degree. Peter, I thank you!

Misty or @WinPhanWife1 on Twitter, has been incredible in filling some of the voids I struggle to maintain, such as our WinPhan Facebook page. Misty has done a phenomenal job at merging our Facebook and Twitter communities! I’ve watched our page likes, as well as the page’s outreach almost triple in the time she’s been in charge! In addition, she puts a smile on my face daily, which motivates me to stay active and be creative! Misty, I thank you!


Now don’t get me wrong, many people have hand their hand in #WinPhan success.


In fact, EACH and EVERY one of you has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of #WinPhan Community! #WinPhan Community, I thank YOU, for helping me to bring this community to the level of influence that we’ve reached together. This has become quite dear to me and many others in the process.




Over the past year we’ve experienced new devices together, both OS and firmware updates together, our stories together, app concepts together, app features together, solving problems together, supporting each other together….I’ve seen our community reach out to one another both publicly and behind the scenes, as WinPhan and as friend. For this alone I am proud and honored to have come in contact with each one of you. Our following grows by the day across the many social networks, our largest being Twitter at nearly 1000! While it might not be the biggest, for a community grown community, we should all be proud.


Are we done growing? I think not! Our thriving community is recognized by Windows Phone, they’ve even used #WinPhan in some of their own tweets and replies(pictured below)! With everyone’s continued support/efforts, with awesome new Windows Phone hitting shelves, and more WinPhan goodies on the way…I see this next year of #WinPhan as an exciting 365 days ahead!!





We’re in the process of collaborating with Glance and Go to ramp up the #WinPhan joy and outreach, you just might hear me on a podcast or two! Richard Hay has also said he’d like to have an episode of his Observed Tech Podcast with a WinPhan appearance bringing even more exposure to our community! So many things happening, so much excitement, so many things to look forward to!


 8828a042-5c8e-4ac1-b5ff-a6256c38a923_jpeg (2)


With the growth of Windows Phone in the Mexico and other Latin America countries, I hope to add a #WinPhan chapter for that region as well! If you know someone who would look forward to this opportunity, please help to get them in contact with us!




Thank you everyone and woot to the next year of #WinPhan and Windows Phone!!




Here’s a photo album of some of the fun art and the logo progression since the days of WinPhan7…all images are made by me and WinPhan like you!



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Proud husband, father, and Windows Phone Evangelist! I dedicate most of my time to promoting the ever beautiful Windows Phone and managing the enthusiastic #WinPhan community I founded. Windows+Phone+Fan=WinPhan!

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