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Doing TileMe! Nation collages from the People Hub on my Windows Phone has become a fun and unique WinPhan project for me. Based on the feedback and questions, I thought I’d share how it’s done! With a little bit of effort and time you’ll be creating your own unique collages too!


Rather than doing a huge write-up specifically about the main ingredient in this project, an app called Collage, I thought a pic based walkthrough with some side notes would be better.


So here we go! First start by making sure these 2 apps are on your phone by simply tapping their title, icon, or scanning the QR codes below to be redirected to their link in the Windows Phone Store.

collageqr    Collage 

tm1    Tile Me!



Next, if you haven’t already, give yourself a Tile Me! makeover by adding some Windows Phone flare to your avatar!








Next comes the work if you want to put the time in, otherwise, you’re close to “making collage time”! Collage uses the contacts in your People Hub, specifically your Outlook contacts. If you have contacts on Twitter for example you’ll need to add info to their card on your phone in order for them to appear in the Collage’s contact’s list. Simply tap the edit button within a contact and you’ll see a dialog box appear like pictured below. Just add a piece of info and save, now your contact is able to be accessed via Collage.



Once you’ve got your contacts pics the way you want, open up Collage and start the fun.




I select People but you can choose from some other cool places to extract pics from!



Next, you’ll need to decide what size collage you want. Each dimension has a predetermined amount of tiles available. Tile sizes do not have adjustment settings so knowing how many people you intend to put on there helps.




Here’s a small key of dimension to pics ratio:

3×5=15 pics

4×7=28 pics

5×9=45 pics

8×14=112 pics

11×19=209 pics


Now decide what style you want…



and most IMPORTANT in this process, Select ‘Specific Image’ so you can decide what contacts or pics make it on the collage. By leaving it as ‘All’, a random grouping of individuals will appear on your collage.



Now hit the arrow button to begin building your Tile Me Nation collage! Next you will see a list of your contacts appear and an accompanying checkbox to add that contact to your collage.



You can enter the full amount of contacts allowed for the particular dimension or you can enter as few as you want. It doesn’t matter, Collage will create the image and allow it to be saved in either case.





Collage done? Tap the charm(…) located in the lower right hand corner and you can save your collage or share it via the normal social networks and more…




Shuffle the order in which your collage appears…



You can add a border to your collage, or even apply an effect with filters provided if your feeling the vibe…



Or just leave well enough alone and enjoy your regular old collage…


Now that I’ve gone through all that, with the amount of WinPhan contacts sporting a Tile Me! Nation banner, I still have work to do.


The end result of what you all see is the result of 7 saved collages: 6 of the 5×9’s and 1 of the 4×7’s. I then upload all my saved images onto Skydrive(because I’m a WinPhan) and head to my PC. Next I open a traditional photo editing software, I use Corel personally, and begin to create a much larger image. I create a new image using the dimensions 3,000×3,000 on a transparent background and set the resolution to 96dpi. I’ve found that when setting resolution any higher than 96dpi, the image becomes fuzzy when shared.


So there you have it, I’d say nice and easy but it’s not. However it’s fun and I love doing it! I hope this inspired you all to give it a WinPhan shot!! If you feel compelled to make one after reading this, please share it with me on Twitter or in the comments below…you know how much I love seeing all of your WinPhan art and ideas!!

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