How to get your Tile Me! Twitter avatar animated

This morning, I tried to get my Tile Me! avatar working on Twitter.  Luckily, Darren and Ertay got me started all over to make my animated avatar working.

To be clear, Twitter apps may not display the animated image correctly. Some will show a placeholder, some will show a static image. If you don’t want this, this is not for you.

You’re still reading? Very nice!

The animated avatar is only in the paid version of Tile Me!. This awesome way to show that you are a WinPhan should be worth the buck.

Download it right now here:

Create your gif Image by switching over to the “gif” named page and upload it to your SkyDrive.

Tile Me gif creator

From there, download it and open

Choose a size that will resize your image below 700 KB. 150 x 150 should be good for that. Click on “Resize it!” resize gif page

Then the most important step. Go to for uploading the animated gif. Twitter image upload

It will only work through this site!!! Do not upload it via the settings pages of Twitter, because there it will remain static!

Here is a little video of how the finished result:


WinPhans, get your Twitter avatars animated right now!


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