HTC Rolls Out a Post GDR2 Firmware Update for Unlocked 8X’s


Well this is a nice surprise, that definitely wasn’t expected, and to tell you the truth there really isn’t a lot to show for this update. I say that rather flippantly, because it actually made a great difference to my Black 8X, which since it received GDR2 had been experiencing some noticeable lag, mainly in transitional animations, it definitely didn’t affect network speed or any usual functions. It just became obvious that I was looking at more splash screen than I should, and apps resumed a little slower.

wp_ss_20130821_0003 (2) There’s actually nothing to see in a before and after about screenshot, and after going through all of the settings, I really couldn’t find a lot different. So if anything, it shall have to be deemed a minor maintenance update.

Unfortunately, and this was an awful teaser, it did not add the one feature that I wanted to see added, with either a Telstra or Optus sim in the phone, Data Sense. It is now common knowledge that none of the major carriers in Australia support the feature yet, with the general response going something like this!

We are currently working with Microsoft to make sure Data Sense works well on all our windows phones and includes things like zero rated and premium content. Due to this Data Sense will not be enabled for Telstra customer but we will continue to work with Microsoft to see what can be done in the future.

Here’s the rub though, the Nokia Lumia 925 available via Optus comes with Data Sense preinstalled, as does the unlocked version available from Harvey Norman AU, whilst the version from Telstra/JBHifi does not include the feature.

Data Sense is available on certain HTC 8X’s as well, like the version from T-Mobile in the US, as well as Verizon, so it makes no sense that unlocked devices are not getting the feature. As yet I cannot get an answer from HTC as to why they have not included Data Sense in their unlocked 8X units.

How bout a little love for the rest of us HTC?

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