"HTC Zoe” Android Challenge!


HTC have been going pretty hard at improving their skin for android, and I have to admit it is pretty good. HTC has brought some nice custom features to the ONE, but after using Windows Phone for a long time, the system seems un necessarily complicated, involving many levels below each main settings area.

While not insurmountable, it takes a fair bit of time, and thanks, there is a help and how to app included, that can step you through using some of the features. Screenshot_2013-05-27-00-22-53Screenshot_2013-05-27-00-23-00

The camera though is front and centre where the one is concerned, with the Zoe feature highlighted. Zoes are short three second videos that you take with the camera the can actually feature movement, great for events, parties, etc, to capture the mood.

It’s not as easy as it seems though, whether made from still pictures or Zoe shots, the phone will produce these highlight reels on it’s own. As if by magic, these videos appear, but like most people with a phone, you would think that they would reside in the photos album. Well not so, the gallery on the one is actually organised into three categories,


albums, events and locations. The tendency, if wanting to work with photos would be to open the albums up so that you can browse through your images, nope. There’s a little change of thinking needed here.

The Phone automatically organises pictures and Zoes into events, and mystically groups them by date and time, and location I suspect, to create these highlight videos. The results can be varied, and a highlight reel may contain only one image. I’m not really sure of the formula that includes an image into an event, but some of my already created events have changed since they first appeared on the phone. The results can be quite impressive though.


Of course it is possible to edit and apply different filters to these videos, and share them to HTC Share, as well as various other social media, and email directly to You Tube painlessly.

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