Indigo – my first day with Windows Phone newest assistant


Thanks to my good friend (or so I’d like to think) @TheWinPhan,  I got the news early that Indigo virtual assistant was finally available. I hurried to download it and through some awesome luck ended up having the day off of work which meant I could dive in right away and play with Indigo.

I opened the Indigo app and right away she greeted me with ‘hi Gayle how can I help you’? Her voice is pleasant enough, just a tiny bit robotic but I could live with it. I asked Indigo right away ‘what can I do’? And she immediately brought up a screen with tiles to choose from, once you click on a tile it opens further and tells you what it is, what you can do with it as well as provides some helpful speaking commands to get Indigo to respond.


I started with weather and asked ‘what is the weather’? Indigo responded with the correct weather for my area, cloudy and 34 degrees and then added that ‘it looks like a drab day’ well, she got that right! I asked if I would need an umbrella and she replied ‘it seems that you do not need your umbrella’. I asked if I could get a suntan today, she could not answer, I asked if it was windy today, again no answer just offering to do a wikipedia or bing search for me.

The weather so far seems to be basic temp and what the sky looks like and that’s about all you can get from Indigo. I will try again when it is raining to see if I get more detailed information. I then  proceeded to set a reminder with ease, sent a text to my favorite person, asked for my horoscope, how to get to Texas, where to get a pizza, etc and it worked as it should have.

Maps opened for directions to Texas, a yelp search brought up results for pizza and my horoscope was read out loud to me. According to my horoscope today is a great day to plan a dance party!  I tried most services she offered and they all worked as expected. Then I decided to have Indigo update my status on Facebook, she informed me I needed to be logged in to my Facebook account and immediately launched the Facebook app right at the log in screen, very smooth. The same applied to Twitter and both my status update on Facebook as well as my tweet were sent without any problems.

Then I decided to have some fun with Indigo by asking random questions. The first was do you like the color purple? She replied that she does not have a strong opinion on that. If you ask her what she does have an opinion about she says ‘I am much more interested in your opinion’  Good girl. Then I asked her favorite color, remember she had no opinion on the color purple and her reply was ‘ purple although pink is a close second’ hmmm, interesting.


Ask if you can change her name and the reply is ‘No, my name is Indigo and I am sticking with it’, does she like to dance? ‘at least I don’t have to worry about two left feet when dancing’ so I am guessing she must be a good dancer. Other fun questions are who is your creator? ‘Artificial Solutions and they are my family’, who is your Mother? ‘my family are all the other virtual assistants created by Artificial Solutions’ and my all time favorite random question: Do you have any pets? ‘ I used to have a Commodore pet computer but that was a long time ago’! I will admit I laughed out loud at that answer 🙂

Now for the not so fun issues with Indigo. After using it once then coming back to use it again a bit later I start my phones home page, click on the Indigo tile and then I get a black screen that just sits there. Turn the phones screen off and then back on and click the tile and it says resuming and then continues to work as it should. Also one of the sample voice commands for Contacts information was ‘What is Jason’s email’ I don’t have any friend named Jason so I asked ‘what is John’s email’ and after some thought a stats page from some football player named John appeared on my screen so I tried ‘what is John Stone’s email’? Again the football players info appears. Finally I ask ‘what is the email address for John’?

and this was the winner, she provided me with his email address after making me select which ‘John” I wanted this information about. I moved on to making a call, let this be a warning, if you have someone in your contacts with the name ‘Jenni’ she will not be able to find her as she only knows how to spell it one way and that is Jenny.  I am not about to go changing the spelling of any of my contacts names for Indigo as I am confident her ‘family’ will soon provide her with more spelling options.

My overall opinion of Indigo is that it is a great virtual assistant, in the early stages. It is easy to use, can understand me very well (hardly any mistakes) and it will be a mainstay on my Lumia 920. I am sure that future updates will make this an even more impressive virtual assistant. I am hoping that  Foursquare check ins as well as the ability to open other apps will be added in the future. I encourage anyone with a Windows Phone to download and try it out for yourself!


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One thought on “Indigo – my first day with Windows Phone newest assistant

  1. It will get better with more content partners. Then they can give you more information inside of the app instead of sending you out to Bing. I’ve been in contact with them and the are working on that stuff now. I assume that’s why they are calling it a beta.

    Nice post. 🙂

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