Insiders Get Windows 10 Mobile Update,10586.63, Happy New Year!

Looks like Microsoft is getting on top of things early with the release of a new build of Windows 10 Mobile earlier today. Most expected a bit of a lull in pushing out updates for the holiday period, and it seems like holidays are over for the Mobile OS team. It was a stop and go rollout with some slight problems, which @gabeaul responded to on twitter

“Sorry #WindowsInsiders for confusion on the new update for W10 Mobile today. During publishing of the .63 update, we detected a potential issue with staging on deployment servers. Since we were partially staged, some people were able to detect the update.We paused the update to investigate, and ensure that everything was 100% ready. We’re now resuming the update and it will roll out to #WindowsInsiders in the Fast ring today”

It didn’t take long for things to get back on track, and later today the changelog was published [as it is]. A Microsoft employee, on Reddit, JENNMSFT posted a short list of nuts and bolts features that had been addressed,

  • Typing on Polish keyboard in Outlook Mail
  • Turn by turn directions over Bluetooth in car
  • Battery usage with Iris Reco
  • Reliability of quick actions settings page
  • MS Band use with Cortana

Rumours have it that the general release for current devices running Windows Phone 8.1 will be coming this week, as the chosen date for it to commence. Remember, previous rumours and statements made about the release have been and gone, with the idea of a major December release going out to the ether. Of course this will be affected by carriers who have/have not come to terms with Microsoft concerning their new approach to updates, taking the owness for updates off of carrier testing, much like the IPhone model that has been in place for years now.


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