Is Green Your Colour? Lumia 920!


I’m not quite sure where this Lumia 920 sits, in terms of where it came from, but it looks like it is/was available from an Australian E-Commerce site. has a range of  Lumia phones at variable prices, not always a bargain either, but on their site they feature this green model, and also the elusive grey 920.

Don’t get your hopes up though, from what I can gather, it looks like an opportunistic placeholder. There were hints back in March that there might be a green model, all from an image posted on Nokia Jordan’s Facebook page, but it was a very different green! Anyone tried to order one of these?

Via WPCentral

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3 thoughts on “Is Green Your Colour? Lumia 920!

  1. Well Aussies colours are green and yellow…or ‘gold’ as the insecure australians like to say.

    It looks great in green, hopefully Nokia gets away from this Yellow/Red/Black/White thing they seem to be obsessed with in the next generation of their handsets.

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