Kill ‘Em With Kindness: #thankyoufortheWPlove

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Most of you are familiar with the awesome(one I consider to be extremely effective) campaign that superstar Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn started. Rudy if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! For those unfamiliar with the #dontForgetYourOwnApp campaign, Rudy encourages Windows Phone owners to tweet the above hashtag to companies and developers who have a WP app in addition to an iOS and/or Android counterpart, but fail to advertise their WP version…but sometimes, it’s equally important “To kill ’em with kindness”.


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In my experience in life, there’s always been something right around the corner worth chasing after. I think most people can relate to that thought. If not, why would it matter which device you had, it’s the thought of “I don’t have it and I want it” that fuels our global economy.


Sometimes we can become so driven to get what we don’t have, we’re blinded to what we do have, directly underneath our nose. It can make a person or community appear to seem, well, unappreciative. We all knew or know that one complainer you have to take with a “grain of salt” because it just doesn’t matter, they’re always finding something to gripe about.


Now don’t get me wrong, complaints can be productive. I’ve taken part in the #dontForgetYourOwnApp campaign because I think it’s a very tasteful way to send my personal complaint of WP always being ignored. If you never say anything…you’ll never be heard. I think we all want to see Windows Phone devices/apps advertised with the competition and I think voicing it is a legitimate/fair complaint to have. With that said, balance is the key to a healthy life.


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We have to remember our manners, if I complain about something, I find it very healthy to look for something else to give thanks to…the good with the bad.



So how can you show YOUR appreciation? I think searching for those sites, services, app and game developers who take the time to show off their Windows Phone offerings alongside of their iOS and Android version is a fantastic start! Let those developers who care, know that you’re grateful for their consideration with a #thankyoufortheWPlove tweet!


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It has a way of garnering respect and consideration from your peers and others around you, to people you may not know are watching but have vested interests in the subject, but most importantly…it just feels right!
Rudy, thank you for having such a great idea and focusing everyone’s energy. Community, continue to pursue those developers who don’t advertise their Windows Phone app by tweeting #dontForgetYourOwnApp, but please take the time to balance it with appreciative tweet of #thankyoufortheWPlove to those who already do!


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Let’s all continue to work together and be a balanced community! Help me spread the WP love.


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