Looks can be deceiving, HeyTell for Windows Phone



I admit when I am looking for an app I tend  to download the apps with the nicest looking UI as well as the apps with a bunch of neat features. I recently went hunting for a push to talk, walkie talkie type app that could be used on Windows Phones as well as Android (my husband has not converted yet although he really wants to) and we settled on HeyTell.

Compared to some of the other apps available from the app store and even compared to the Android version, HeyTell for Windows Phone is so very basic, lacks many of the niceties of the Android version and is really quite boring to look at. There are no settings options for notifications which made me a little crazy, you can either have them or not. My husband was able to pick his notification from the settings menu for the Android app.

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What HeyTell lacks in looks and features is quickly forgotten once you hear the amazing voice quality you get from the app. The sound is so clear it is as if the person who sent you the message is sitting with you. The app is really easy to use, you can listen to the messages over and over if you like by simply tapping on the message you want to hear. There is also the option for adding your location as well.

I was quite jealous of the HeyTell UI for the Android phone and tweeted about it, this was their response!



We did try a much nicer looking app but we were disappointed as we could not hear the messages, the louder we made the volume the more distorted the message became so we uninstalled the pretty app and decided that HeyTell is the app for us. If you have not tried HeyTell for the push to talk, walkie talkie type app I encourage you to at least give it a try so you can hear for yourself the quality of this app. If you like it jump on the bandwagon with me to get HeyTell to update the UI for Windows Phones!

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