Lumia 1020 Videos! Quick Impressions!


The Lumia Zoom event just finished, and while I’m not going to try and recap it here, my initial impressions are basically that I’m blown away. The 1020 has been leaked and leaked and dribbled and leaked, and we knew something special was coming, but what we didn’t know, the commitment that Nokia had to taking Windows Phone to the next level. Windows Phone may be Microsoft’s OS, but Nokia has definitely made it their own. What was impressive, and reinforced the importance of the 1020 as an incredibly advanced integrated smartphone, a Finnish army knife if you will, was Stephen Elop doing the whole presentation for the launch.

The package, besides involving some incredibly advanced and new hardware, in fact Nokia has revamped their OIS equipment to house the 41 mega pixel pure view camera, and added some great real life editing, pre and post, software to take advantage of it, becomes even more impressive when the CEO of the company has no problem sharing it with the world. It may be really advanced, but it should also be out of the box user friendly as well. The proof is in the pudding though, and right after the presentation, Nokia went live with some 1020 videos to showcase the phones camera performance.

The fact that the camera handles stills and video at the same level is really impressive, and add their ability to capture audio, judge for yourself.


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