Lumia 900 Cameo in Allstate TV Ad


Now I’m not sure if someone already wrote about this and it just slipped past me or if it’s managed to go unnoticed in general. Our beloved Windows Phone is on TV again! This time the Lumia 900 is featured alongside a HTC One in a TV ad for Allstate Insurance. The ad coincidentally, is named “App For That”. Read past the break to see the commercial.





So there you have it! Microsoft, Nokia, and Windows Phone still finding ways to be seen!

Interesting couple tidbits here, I’ll start with he obvious: Allstate still does NOT have a Windows Phone app(their subsidiary company Esurance does). Like banking and credit card managing apps, auto insurance apps are in high demand and can be a large draw for consumers here in the states, hopefully this will lead to something. You can download the official Esurance app from the Windows Phone Store right HERE or by tapping the icon below!





Second tidbit, did anyone else find it almost comforting to see it was the younger generation with a Windows Phone? Gaining the confidence of the next generation of kids is of UTMOST importance for the success of Windows Phone, so seeing the son have a WP while the parent did not was refreshing and even a little encouraging in a way, to see this.

My son is always preaching WinPhanism to his young colleagues, do your WinPhan kids do the same? Are our kids and ads enough to help change or dictate the future purchasing habits of the next generation? Let us know what you think!

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