Lumia 928 Videos And Photos! Oh, and Asha?

White Lumia 928

Nokia US is certainly not backwards in coming forward about the Lumia 928, and the long stream of rumours about the device are likely part of their marketing strategy. Considering there is an event in London on the 14th of May, and a launch event held today in India, keynoted by Elop, focusing on its  new generation Asha platform.

Nokia is definitely not sitting on their hands, and are bringing Lumia design to it’s Asha line up. They are still developing this other OS, even though they are tightly linked with with Windows Phone. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”, seems to be the Nokia focus, as well as regaining it’s dominion of emerging markets. Full of surprises, Nokia has also just been flinging info and video of the 928 out to the world.

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