Microsoft Hints At GDR2 WP8 Update Features!


So the Lumia 925 might have been the big news yesterday, and of course on the Windows Phone Blog they went into some detail about the phone and it’s features as well. The most important details were hidden at the end of the blog post, and pertinent to all WP8 owners. Some vague dates and features that will be included in the next update for Windows Phone 8.

The key information is that, like the Portico [GDR1] update, there are key features that users want to see, as well as a lot of tune ups for performance that may not be that obvious.

There are a couple of things that really stand out for me,

Data Sense feature of Windows Phone 8 available for more carriers to offer

Which carriers it doesn’t mention, so a bit of a turkey shoot, but it would have to be the feature that users most want!

easier to select, download, and pin tunes in Xbox Music and improves the accuracy of song info and other metadata—something I know music fans will appreciate. Support for FM radio. The update also ensures Windows Phone continues to work with Google services by adding support for the company’s newest sync protocols—CalDAV and CardDAV.

While a lot of users have moved away from Google, keeping those accounts alive on the phone for a lot of us is vital. The time line is tagged as later this summer, which most would assume to be late June, July or later. This is really good news and see Microsoft keeping to a schedule of larger updates that appears to be quarterly.

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