Microsoft Moving Forward with Windows 10

Microsoft is doing big things with Windows 10.

For the first time ever, we’re seeing the same version of Windows across mobile, 2-and-1 devices, PCs, tablets and even gaming consoles, optimized for different form factors and types of interaction.

One store, one ecosystem, one design language, one experience for your life.

This is unprecedented in the history of technology, and today’s briefing set the expectations high.

Also announced with Windows 10 were two entirely new ways to interact with the operating system with Surface Hub and Microsoft HoloLens via Windows Holographic.

B75RhFpIIAAbum9The Surface Hub is like a giant digital white board perfect for conference room meetings and giving stunning presentations. It comes equipped with cameras, speakers, touch, and pen optimization. I’d love to see this transform the workplace and increase productivity.

Microsoft is quickly approaching science fiction. I know it’s been said before, but projecting holograms that can interact with our real-world environment with terabytes of dynamic data is simply amazing.

Terry Myerson noted that “Technology needs to get out of the way and provide the mobility of the experience.” That’s certainly the direction modern advancements are heading, and Microsoft’s design language, array of input options, and variety of form factors provide the means for consumers to enjoy the ever-growing number of devices and services Microsoft offers.

2015 is quickly becoming an exciting time for Microsoft enthusiasts. It’s definitely the year of the #WinPhan.

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