Microsoft’s First Lumia Announced!

“and there was lamenting and gnashing of teeth”

Well probably not, although there has been a lot of played up dramatics, histrionics and outright beat up, at the demise of Nokia. Let’s face it, this is the inevitable and expected conclusion, that has been coming for a little while now. When Microsoft announced last week that there would be a #MoreLumia event last week, and lo and behold a device that was fairly similar to the device that was revealed today was leaked, well the announcement was pretty well done wasn’t it.

The gurus and pundits didn’t really need a crystal ball to see this change coming, in fact Microsoft itself has been trumpeting it’s decision to be about hardware for a while, and it survived a CEO transition. This still has a fair handful of “Salesman Steve B’s” vision involved in it to my way of thinking.

The Nokia purists will be screaming blasphemy, and looking to burn someone at the stake. Is it Microsoft that deserves the Judas label though, or should they look a bit closer to home? Did not Stephen Elop actually receive the thirty pieces of silver, engineering the deal that brought him back into the Microsoft fold [as well as a lot of former Nokians, 50% of whom, have now been made redundant]. How ever you see it, it has been a fascinating journey, a corporate strategy of biblical proportions that has been played out rather publicly.

So with the reveal of the Lumia 535 today, the first Microsoft branded Windows Phone, Lumia, what is the great revelation?

This year we have seen the full gamete of Nokia Lumia hit the market, 530, 630, 635, 730, 735, 930 and as of this week the 830, topped off by the 535. With a bit more than a month and a half left to go of this year, it is unlikely that we will see a premium, and by that I mean, a Lumia 1020 update added to the range before Sain Nick comes a calling.

What’s the Microsoft Lumia 535 about? Specs wise it s not a marvel,

  • 5-inch IPS LCD with qHD (960x540px) resolution
  • Quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB onboard storage (plus microSD up to 128GB)
  • 5MP rear camera with flash, auto-focus and 480p video recording
  • Front-facing camera  5MP
  • 1905mAh battery (model BL-L4A)
  • 140.2 x 72.45 x 8.8mm (slightly thinner than the 9.32mm leaked previously)
  • 146g
  • Dual-SIM support

So the transition has gone full circle, and Microsoft has a mobile OS that doesn’t need hardware that will run a super computer to create a great experience for consumers. Microsoft with it’s so called budget phones is really on the verge of bringing a smart, integrated arm to it’s overall ecosystem, that is affordable for/in some of the largest, poorest markets in the world. The Microsoft Lumia experience will offer a top end experience for a third of the cost, and work across Desktop, laptop, tablet and phone, with a familiarity and ease that will demand attention in those markets.

Is Microsoft’s strategy this transparent, or is the mass marketing that made Windows a worldwide success, the best strategy for Windows Phone, and will volume make the OS better? this may be a watershed moment for Windows Phone, not to mention that Microsoft has now put itself in direct competition with all of the other OEMs that are selling it’s product on different hardware. Hang on, it’s the restart of a fun trip!

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