More Windows Phone 7.8 Updates!


So it looks like Microsoft have released in some regions, another update, or two, for Windows Phone 7.8. While it seems to have hit first in Europe, reports are coming in that it is happening in other regions. Mainly on carrier unbranded phones, assume the update will have t go through regular approval processes. The updates are available in Australia, of course on unlocked devices. I have updated a HTC HD7 which found both updates immediately via Zune once connected, and using this tool, a carrier branded Titan II. What’s in the update though?

SO as yet there has been no update/changelog posted to let us know what is in the updates, and it seems that not all regions are getting both updates right away.

Screen Capture (73)

Word on the street is that the combination of these updates is supposed to fix issues with the Live Tiles on Windows Phone 7.8, issues like live tiles locking up, and not updating. Of rather more concern, Live tiles going on and endless update loop with no information returned, sucking down data at a really high rate of knots.Microsoft had stated that they were working on a fix, I suppose nobody expected it to come so quickly though.

The update will bump you from Windows Phone 7.8, OS version, 7.10. 8858 to 7.10.8860, then up to 7.10.8862.

I haven’t experienced the reported issues, so was not too bothered about the update for relief, but hopefully this is good news for a lot of people out there. Have you received an update notification yet?

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2 thoughts on “More Windows Phone 7.8 Updates!

  1. Definitely plugging my 900 in today! Still hasn’t received any updates since initial purchase in August. I’m not going to force, I’d like to see how long it takes under “normal” circumstances. Hopefully today’s the day! 🙂

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