Nokia Lumia 1020 from Telstra? Reboots For October 15!


If you hadn’t heard, pre orders for the Lumia 1020 from Telstra were abruptly pulled, cancelled, and folks were offered a free Lumia 520 in compensation. Now there has been no real explanation as to why the launch scheduled for the 17th of September was cancelled, except for some cryptic mention of “Bugs”. Telstra stated that they had issues with the Nokia software, but nothing specific. Of course the phone has been available from Harvey Norman, Optus and AllPhones in the meantime, so it has taken a bit of the bite out of the Telstra launch. When questioning on Twitter I received a reply from Telstra in two parts,


Now I haven’t heard anything back from @Telstra yet, but there is some good news from @NokiaAustralia that popped up on their Facebook page this evening. Looks like the 1020 will be available in Telstra stores on the 15th of October, although there is no announcement on the Telstra online store just yet. Expect another pre-order announcement soon.

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