Nokia World, What Will It Bring?


Nokia is amping up the party in Abu Dhabi which is only a week away, Nokia World 2013 may be the last we see in which Nokia has full control over it’s mobile division. Interestingly enough though they seem to be branching out a bit, with a recent post over at Nokia Conversations, highlighting not only the expected “Phablet” and “Tablet” but what also looks like a “PC”.

Webcast_conversations-desert While the post is a teaser for the webcast of the event, are Nokia trying to tell us something? It’s expected that the Lumia 1520, and the tablet 2520, will be announced, along with some carrier variations, as well as some nifty accessories, such as a Surface like touch cover and more.

With Nokia’s new devices, we know that we are jumping to a newer version of Windows Phone 8, will it be the pre cursor to concepts to ones seen in the video construct below? The futures bright for Windows Phone, after what many would call a slow start, how much though will we see Windows 8 and Windows Phone merge in the future?

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