Nokia’s Lumia 925, Metal and Imaging! Amber Firmware!


At todays Nokia event in London, the Lumia 925 was announced. What are the big changes? Firstly a aluminium chassis with metal detailing around the edge of the phone, a 4.5 inch, edge to edge AMOLED touch screen, and a slimming down.


At only 8.5 millimetres in depth, it is the thinnest Lumia so far. [not quite sure if the 8.5 actually takes into account the bulge for the camera lens. Visually the phone is definitely a stunner, and that aluminium trim is actually the antenna, the focus of the announcement though was more on what new features and software were on the way!

Nokia pioneered the use of advanced plastics like polycarbonate in their Lumia range, although the fore runner was the N800. This doesn’t mean that they stopped looking into all available materials, and the Lumia 925 is the out come. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will see a Lumia 525, 625 etc.

The announcement focused less on the design, and more on improved imaging, and new software. I have to say the Nokia Smart Camera Technology was the highlight for me.


You can set Nokia Smart Camera as your default camera interface if you want it to open straight from the dedicated camera hardware button. The regular camera mode is recommended for low-light and for best picture quality when capturing stills.

Nokia Smart Camera will ship on the brand new Nokia Lumia 925 to begin with, and will be made available to all Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones both pre-loaded and over-the-air update the Nokia Lumia Amber update in the coming months.

The phone almost seems secondary compared to the fact that a future firmware update, named amber will bring Smart Camera to all of the existing Lumia range.

All of the main Nokia Windows Phone services are also available, HERE maps, Nokia music

The Nokia Lumia 925 is expected to start selling in June first in UK, Germany, Italy and Spain with Vodafone and other operator and retail partners; and in China with China Mobile and China Unicom, followed by the US with T-Mobile. It will be priced at around 469 EUR before any local taxes or operator subsidies.

Check the full specs on the phone here! As for availability in your region, if not in the regions above, there will be further announcements to come.

The full announcement is online now for your perusal!

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