Nokia’s Storage Check On Video, Just!


Some things just get beaten up into issues don’t they, and again the “Other” storage on Windows Phone 8 is in the limelight. Seems a user has gotten a hold of the, next Nokia update that includes their storage check app. I don’t know whether to call it an app or an inclusion to the OS, but it’s definitely a Nokia firmware add on. . The video is not that clear, but it looks like it details the storage that all apps on the phone use, and gives you the ability to clear that storage.

It does not seem to be able to clear integral system files, only those related to third party apps. It’s hard to say for sure though, because the video skips through the details part of the process rather quickly, and there is no clear end result displayed. The noise around the “Other” partition is definitely filtering back to the OEMs, when will Microsoft give us some clear info about the issue?

Via Windows Phone Daily

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