Nokia’s Tablet, Looking Like a Reality, But Will It Fly?


The rumours have been coming thick and fast over the Nokia, Windows RT tablet, which started back in late 2012. The information flow has gone from a trickle to a torrent, in the last week with many major sites from all over bringing info to bear so that it is now possible to say with confidence that this is actually happening.

The Verge though seems to have the specs, and that is really what people wanted to see, more so than a possible device back cover, reminiscent of the Lumia range of phones.

Nokia’s tablet will be thinner and lighter, at just over a pound, than the current iPad.
Nokia plans to include a 6-megapixel rear, 2-megapixel front camera.
The 10.1-inch display, 1920 x 1080 resolution, with something special for outdoor readability.
Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor alongside 2GB of RAM.
10 hours of solid battery life.
LTE connectivity.
Micro SD support, with 32GB of storage.
Micro HDMI connector, and a Micro USB port.

More importantly it looks like the code named “Sirius” tablet will be competitively priced with the iPad, an important point in a market where the iPad is seen to be the go to device in this form factor.

Going up against Apple, Samsung (android) in the tablet market may not though, be the biggest elephant in the room! Microsoft’s own Surface RT has been plagued with under performance issues in terms of uptake and sales, and other OEMs have launched but not seen great results with RT devices. In fact a lot of tech pundits, consider Windows RT a flop, that Microsoft, trying to focus on hardware and services has failed dismally.

Elop Backs Off

The highly cynical view is that Nokia is trying to get more mileage [money] out of it’s relationship with Microsoft, cementing the work it has done with Windows Phone, and there is even speculation that Nokia is trying to make itself even more attractive as an eventual Microsoft acquisition.

Calls for Microsoft to further its investment in Nokia — with some even suggesting the Redmond, Washington company should outright purchase Nokia — began after former Microsoft employee Stephen Elop took reins as CEO.  Given the tight relationship between the two companies on Windows Phone smart phones and the apparent prep of a Windows RT tablet, Microsoft would be merely wasting cash to buy Nokia at this point since the firm seems content developing mobile devices using Microsoft’s OS releases.

From afar, the symbiotic relationship that has developed between Nokia and Microsoft around Windows Phone, has done more for the OS than any other OEM input. Reinventing/revitalising Nokia in the process, and the Lumia name is iconic, more recognisable as a brand than Windows Phone. From it’s high end devices like the 1020 to it’s most popular the 520, Nokia has covered all the price point bases, all their eggs are not in one basket though, do not forget the Asha series devices.

Nokia has created a whole new world of fans with Lumia, and it makes sense for them to carry on the marriage with Microsoft, creating complimentary devices in the same design language like the “Sirius”, and eventually you would think a pro version of the device as well. You would also think that the benefit of hindsight, from their own observations, and Microsoft’s experience of the Surface, Version 1, would translate into a version 2 RT Tab that ups the level of the experience considerably.

With Ad Duplex numbers showing that

Surface RT tablet from Microsoft is still the most used single hardware device in the Windows 8/RT system

and that a Surface 2 is in the works, Nokia’s RT tablet does not seem so far fetched. At this point, it seems like a done deal, and putting the Nokia brand next to Windows RT will surely bring a lot of the companies fans to MS’s tab OS, whether it be blind fanboiism, or what I would think is a definite need for powerful, compatible, Microsoft alternatives to iOS and Android tablets.  Somewhere along the line, this actually is the continuation of the connected three screen environment that Microsoft has been working towards, with a truly empathetic partner.

So? Who wants a Nokia RT Tablet?


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