Not in The US, Get the New Bing Search Now!


Microsoft announced recently that the Bing search app on windows phone would be getting a makeover, with more details, and additional categories available by default. At the moment it is US only, but it seems that there is a simple work around that will enable it on your phone now. It is pretty simple, go to settings, and then open language + region, and if you are in Australia, or in fact any English speaking country you can enable the new features now.

wp_ss_20130813_0016 All you need to do it seems is change the browser and search language from what ever your regional language is to English (United States) and the new Bing features will be enabled. See the video below from Reddit. I assume this will not do you any good if you are in a non English speaking country, but it would be great to find out if local searches and the like still work?

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