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Twitter sort of went from nothing to something rather quickly, to the point where it is now one of the major communication tools for not only the proverbial geek, but any mainstream internet user.  It’s become such a major tool for internet users, that mobile OS providers, and OEM’s skinning those OS’s have been including the service natively.

Windows Phone is no exception, although the deployment is rather limited, spurning a bevy of clients/apps, that try to take advantage of all the features that Twitter offers, and some of them are incredibly successful at doing that. Offering features that only third party clients can, either on the Desktop or phone via a browser.

Twitter has had a presence on Windows Phone with an official application for quite a while, but it was definitely relegated to the “one of those apps that are there, but I can get better results from other free apps” list for most users. So it was the digital equivalent of two tin cans and string, in the world of Windows Phone Twitter Clients. While it has always been stable and done what it promised, a lack of updates, and keeping up with what other smaller developers have been doing with their service, may have just changed.

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Noticeably the design is much cleaner, fresher, although consistent with its iOS and Android apps. It’s generally neat, and supports a range of text sizes. At this point there s no light or dark theme support, and what ever size text you are using, it has a lot of dead space. The header menu takes a fifth of the screen, and the space between tweets seems excessive. Yes it looks good, but all of that space with no information in it seems under utilised, and of course is burning battery.

What is nice, is that it now supports multiple accounts, for a lot of people that is a must these days. There’s also a lot more support for editing and manipulating header and Icon images directly from the app on the phone.

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In this mobile world, getting access to all of the features of a service that you use on multiple platforms, is incredibly important, and a nice add on. Twitter have gone al out to make sure that you can access all of the stuff that you are used to from any desktop client or through a browser with this version, so hash tags, trending and even finding friends via your connected accounts or email. Plus follow recommendations, everything that you can get from accessing the service via a browser.

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Really though, Twitter is all about the conversation, and the way the app handles conversations is really nice, tap on any tweet in a conversation and it will first load as a single tweet, and then the conversation will flow in.

wp_ss_20130228_0023 wp_ss_20130228_0024

From an app that I thought was fairly meh, this latest update has really impressed, adding features that I now expect from witter apps on Windows Phone. It is light and responsive, and works equally well on Windows Phone 7.8, as it does on Windows Phone 8.

Maybe Twitter in it’s popularity thought it could coast a bit, but there are plenty of third party clients that have eclipsed what they have been offering on Windows Phone, and this may be an admission that they need to compete, take back their own service. Can they compete with Developers that have been value adding to their platform for ages on Windows Phone, that is yet to be seen.

If I hadn’t been using other apps as my go to for Twitter for so long, and had just got a WP device, I would be impressed with the app and would not be looking for alternatives. It’s an appropriate update that has been a long time coming, and should reinforce to other services out there, the value of Windows Phone.

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