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For many of us, we have grown with Windows Phone, watching it grow slowly but steadily. Some of that growth has come by your own WinPhan efforts and I applaud you. To show our appreciation for your continued support of the WinPhan community, we will be giving away some great Windows Phone items. I am proud to announce, beginning March 1st, we will be launching the first official #WinPhan contest, the #WinPhan Scavenger Hunt. With great thanks to Microsoft’s very special gifts, Windows Phone’s incredible support for and of #WinPhan, and their tireless efforts to see our community succeed, we will be giving away 12 prizes including 2 grand prizes, a Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. Read past the break for the exciting details on how to enter.

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Grab your Windows Phone, its hunting time! Have you noticed more Windows Phone ads? Seeing WP’s in the wild? Let me guess, you know more than 1 person with one now? Well it’s time to start capturing those moments with photos and entering them to win! Entering is easy and might just land either a Lumia 1020 or 1520 into your deserving WinPhan hands!!

RULES:  To participate, register at, (registration required so that we can verify your email) simply take a picture of the target theme for that week, then share a OneDrive(SkyDrive) link of that photo to: contest [at]  A maximum of 2 entries per participant is allowed per target theme/contest round.

DURATION:  This scavenger hunt contest will span 5 months commencing on the March 1st, awarding 1 prize per week for the first four weeks and bimonthly for the remaining 4 months for a total of 12 prizes. Each week an entrant will be drawn via a random number selecting software and awarded without bias. The 12 winning finalists will be automatically entered into a random final drawing for the grand prize, Weekly/fortnightly prizes will be detailed in each relative announcement post on    

TIMES:  Each target theme will be posted on Monday’s at 8am PST and entries must be submitted by the following Sunday’s at 5pm PST for the weekly and every other Sunday at 5pm PST for the bimonthly. Winners will be announced on Tuesdays via our website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts [@winphan_global, @thewinphan]. 

This contest is open to people from all parts of the globe, and irrespective of what device the images submitted to the scavenger hunt are produced on.   


*WP Art(Kids Drawings, Your Drawings, Unique WP) 

*WP In The Wild  *WP(W8) Ads(Billboards,Print,Adverts) 

*Your WP Carrier or MS Store(Selfie)  *Multiple WP(Collections) 

*WP Cameos(Movies/TV/Music)        




*WP Clothing  

*WP Accessories  

*WP App Vouchers   


            GRAND PRIZES: *Lumia 1020 and a *Lumia 1520 


Good luck everyone, I sure hope to see a lot of photos pouring in!



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Proud husband, father, and Windows Phone Evangelist! I dedicate most of my time to promoting the ever beautiful Windows Phone and managing the enthusiastic #WinPhan community I founded. Windows+Phone+Fan=WinPhan!

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