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Since Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.8, gave us a lot more options with how we arrange apps on our home screen, I’m sure all of us WinPhans are familiar with the obsessive, moving, re-sizing, and overall need to get the perfect layout that suits you.

After a while that settles down thankfully, and users start to define their own philosophy about why things go where, prioritising, grouping and making their phone their own. Here at WinPhan we’ve talked about it a fair bit behind the scenes, and have decided to share our thoughts about it with you, and who better to start with than @TheWinPhan , Sean!

Why do I love my Windows Phone? There are many reasons, however my Start Screen is tops on my list! The ability to see the information most important to me and still have my Start Screen represent who I am as an individual has always been the inherent draw to Windows Phone. I love when my screen is filled with tiles that are moving and pumping out the latest info without having to search through a multitude of apps. This process makes me feel more engaged, less time buried in one app or network searching for the same interaction, I can have it all delivered to my doorstep.

The Start Screen I’m sure, appeals to most for similar reasons, the ability to glance at your start screen and see two things:

Information that is pertinent to you!

A phone that looks like Microsoft designed it specifically for you and only you!

I imagine that most are reflected in many different ways, more personal ways to each WinPhan’s preference. In fact if you ever spent time looking at the website, I’m sure you’ve seen some incredible ideas for ways to organize your start screen and have it better reflect you. I’m going to share with you WinPhan how I organize mine.

As you can imagine, as The WinPhan, I spend a lot of time networking and communicating. It’s safe to say that is the primary function of my Lumia 920. I do play some games and listen to music on it as well, but those features are utilized the least as far as my daily phone habits are concerned. In fact, at least 75% of my Start Screen is dedicated to communicating either with my wife or some facet of WinPhan. Because of the amount of WinPhanWork I do on my phone, I have to separate it into 3 groups of tiles. To achieve this I used to use Tile Header 2, however I’ve recently switched to an app called Group Tiles. Both apps simply create a buffer space between sections and offer the ability to see text header for the section, really handy for me.

I won’t spend to much more time yammering on, instead I’ll simply show you my Screen because a picture can be worth a thousand words, which if I’m not careful…I’ll easily surpass! The top section of my phone is dedicated to my personal communication. I split WinPhan into Global(indicated by globe icon) and Tools(indicated by tool icon). A fun and leisure(indicated by game controller icon) group follows where I get my news, games, music, and hit the WP Store. Last I keep some common tools that I use more than others located at the bottom.

If you see an app or have a question about anything on my Start Screen, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.


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